Here’s What People Are Saying



“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the skills you have taught me. You have helped me become a much more effective communicator and presenter.”

M.B.A. Candidate



“Great class!  Such great topics will definitely help me in my daily life.”

            Bank Manager



“Very informative and insightful.  Handouts will be useful for future reference.”

            Bank Vice President



“This was a week’s worth of information packed into a great day.”

            Bank Manager



 “I definitely enjoyed your class and learned a great deal from you. Thank you. You were definitely born to teach, as it appears to come so naturally for you.”

Bank Manager



“I just accepted an offer for a marketing internship. You helped me so much with the skills, and most importantly, the confidence to succeed in my job search.”

M.B.A. Candidate



“So grateful to have taken your class.  I used the report format you taught us for one of our class projects, and the professor said ‘Very nicely done, Minal. Very impressed. Keep it up. ...’”

M.B.A. Candidate


“Thank you for teaching the Business Writing class last Friday at the Chicago office. The lessons learned will be helpful in my career going forward.”

Management Consultant


“I thoroughly enjoyed your class this semester. The multiple presentations and various reports helped me fine tune my writing and reporting skills. I feel much better prepared for my future.”

M.B.A. Candidate


“I just read the evaluations from yesterday’s training.  Wow!!  The feedback is really wonderful. The participants really enjoyed the training and found it very valuable. I am not surprised. Thank you for tailoring the training to exactly their needs.”

Agency Director, New Jersey


“I attended one of your classes ‘Ride the Innovation Wave.’ It was great!!! Thank you for all you do !!!  Your words of inspiration through a turbulent time were great and constructive.”

Retail Risk Analyst, Regional Bank



“I have never been good at public speaking. But because you showed confidence in me I was able to put myself out there and shut out all the nervous voices behind me.”

M.B.A. Candidate



“A million thanks for the awesome training!”

Consultant, Global Professional Services Firm



“Today I got an offer letter for an internship at Amazon. I had to clear five grueling behavioral rounds, and this was possible only by attending your business communication class. I got a lot of interview tips, insights on effective communication, and above all, you helped me increase my self confidence. I thank you once again and need your guidance in future as well to build a successful career and a better life.”

M.B.A. Candidate

“Your class was excellent!  Thanks.”

Consultant, Global Professional Services Firm



“Thank you for all that I’ve learned in your course.  I expect to apply those lessons and thought perspectives in much of what I do.”

M.B.A. Graduate



“Thank you for helping us become stronger business communicators. It became very apparent how I can easily clean up my writing style to be more concise and powerful; I really appreciated your instructions and enthusiasm throughout the course.”

Consultant, Global Professional Services Firm



“Just want to thank you for sharing so many words of wisdom with the troops last night. I know that we will value your words and ideas and run with them. You are a true giver and I am sure that you have helped so many folks over the years. This is what makes you so special.  We need more Susan Mach's!!!!”

Director, YMCA Career Forum



“Thank you for all your help and guidance and for the wonderful class.  It was by far the most useful and translatable classroom experience I've ever had, including my undergraduate studies.  My entire perspective has changed and I look forward to advancing my career with the new skills you taught me.”

Researcher, New Jersey Medical School



“I took your Business Communication course two years ago (it was my first semester). I just graduated with my M.B.A. in finance and can honestly say your course was both my most useful class and most memorable.”

M.B.A. Candidate



“Thank you for providing us a very informative, thoughtful, and truly uplifting, constructive presentation!  Also, to give you some feedback, everyone that I know echoes similar views. The program was very well received by the employees I interact with at the home office.”

Assistant Treasurer, New Jersey Savings bank



“You're a true inspiration.”

Director of Marketing, Online Retail Company



“You put together a very useful, engaging, and fun (and intensive!) class; I truly feel like a better communicator after it.”

M.B.A. Candidate



“Thank you for all you have taught me in this class.  It is by far the most useful information I have learned to date since beginning my M.B.A.  All the reading, writing, presentation prep and post video review was well worth the hard work.”

M.B.A. Candidate



“I loved your class today. [You are] … an effective and animated in-person lecturer/ teacher.”

Forensic Accountant, Global Professional Services Firm



Thank you so much for your help and support.  Your guidance a professor and a trusted adviser is so valuable.”

M.B.A. candidate



“Your class provided me with many valuable tools to advance my career and helped me find creative new ways to differentiate myself in an extremely competitive job market.”

Equity Research Analyst, Investment Consulting Firm



“Just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you once again for the great presentation on Riding the Wave.  Can’t beat fun and informative!”

Loan Processor, New Jersey Regional Bank



“I have used my lessons from your class on many occasions and thank you dearly.”

Clinical Data Analyst, NYU Langone



“Thank you for all the knowledge and guidance you provided in class.  The regular exercises in writing and presenting, and the critiques, were very helpful.  I have noticed an improvement in my presentation skills in other classes and I am more confident when it comes to business communication.”

M.B.A. Candidate




“I really enjoyed our communication course and can already see direct application to my everyday work practices.”

Forensic Accountant, Global Professional Services Firm



“The Communication, Coaching and Strategy class was Awesome and Empowering.”

Branch Manager and Assistant Treasurer, New Jersey Regional Bank



“Thank you for everything you've taught me throughout the class, and especially getting me out of my comfort zone with all the presentations.  I really loved the course material, and really feel much more confident in my business communications, as well as job interviews, work conflict, and going after a career that motivates me.”

Analyst, Energy Industry



“The drills and exercises were an excellent way to practice and receive feedback.”

Forensic Accountant, Global Professional Services Firm



“Thank you for all of your wonderful advice.  I recently accepted the position—it truly is a dream job.  Thank you again for all of your help.  I came to business school to gain skills that I knew were lacking, presenting and public speaking amongst many.  The things you taught in that class were exactly why I decided to come to business school.  If only you knew how much fear I had getting up to present!  Since your class, I have made many presentations in other classes and during my internship.”  

Management Consultant



“I wanted to let you know that I was offered a position effective immediately after my summer internship. …  My current boss mentioned to me that she had heard of what a great presentation I made in my final week as an intern. You've had such a huge impact on my business school career, and my professional career already.”

Pharmaceutical Manager



“Thank you very much for the guidance and feedback during the Business Communication course this semester.  To us, at the beginning of the course it seemed to be an unmanageable amount of work, but it was invaluable practice.”

M.B.A. Candidate, Co-President, Pharmaceutical Management Club

“It was a pleasure being your student and I plan to remain so for life.  Hope to keep in touch and seek your guidance next year.”

M.B.A. Candidate



“We really enjoyed your session and felt very motivated following the class!”

Conference Coordinator, Institutional Investor


“I recently was informed of a business school scholarship that I qualified for.  However the award was based on applicants writing a paper on a topic in the pharmaceutical industry.  Although I was initially dismayed at my chances, I am happy to report that of all the candidates that applied, my paper was picked by the judges as the best.  I would not have been able to win that scholarship without having taken your class! So thank you again!”

M.B.A. Candidate



“Thank you for the session yesterday!  I wasn’t able to see you in your element.  I know from firsthand sources that you were a hit.  Students raved about your session and even shared with me that it was their favorite part of the day.”

Baruch-Mt. Sinai M.B.A. Coordinator



“I appreciate all the advice and constructive criticism you gave me in my short time in the program.  It was refreshing to have cut-the-bullsh*t advice to really put things into perspective.”

Manager, P.W.C.



“Class this morning was thought-provoking and the most interesting class this semester.  I believe this is precisely because you put incredible effort keeping each one of us involved thereby making the class most engaging.”

M.B.A Candidate



“I really enjoyed the Business Communication course you taught.  Your course inspired me to pursue a career change in the communications field.  I was recently promoted a newly-formed team managing our international communication strategy.  Thank you for your course.  I would never have thought of the career change before it.  I have great confidence because of the skills I learned in your course.”

Manager, Luxury Apparel Company



“I just wanted to thank you for being a truly inspirational teacher and an amazing support system for me.”

M.B.A. Candidate



“I want to express once again how much I enjoyed your class.  It definitely was a challenge, but I came away with so many new skills as well as increased confidence.  Thanks again.”

Manager, Real Estate Brokerage



“You facilitated a workshop on improving verbal communication and presentation skills for several of our staff members at the agency where I work.  Thanks for being such a great presenter! I found the content of your workshop very informative, and I find myself referring back to the suggestions you gave us, as I look to continue improving my training, facilitation, and presentation skills.”

Manager, Stop Child Abuse-NJ



“I really enjoyed your class.  The advice you gave to us on how to present ourselves, not just during presentations, was great.  It was very evident how much thought you put into this subject.  Lots of professors just teach curriculum, but you offered very insightful advice.  Class was always entertaining as you were always enthusiastic about what you were presenting.”

Manager, Supply Chain.



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